"We present the impressive, amazing, fabulous, exotic city of Dubai with it's heritage, culture and history".

Here is something for every desire, want and need and you can certainly, leave your rubber boots behind!

DiM prides itself with professional and efficient handling of all requests, restaurants, activities and attractions.


Dubai in Mind has personal experience of many of the hotels in Dubai and can help you choose the one that suits your specific expectations and budget.


With a dynamic mix of nationalities you will find restaurants from all over the world which suit the connoisseur and the curious.

Private guided tours

The tours are fully customized to suit your needs and interests.
We can offer many unique ideas for your upcoming holidays.

All tours take place with guides who are authorized by DTCM, Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. Tours can be arranged in your preferred language. Guided tours in Swedish will be conducted by Johanna Samrud Sage or Johanna Widholm.

English speaking chauffeur

Enjoy the luxury of having a personal driver an entire day. 

Big family/many friends?

Let us suggest a coach for your guided tour.

Would you like to experience another Emirate? We will arrange it for you.

  • Falcons in mind

  • Desert safari taken to another level

  • Private dinner under the stars

  • See Dubai from above

  • Drive F3 in AD

  • Dolphins in mind

  • Golf in mind

  • Cars and coaches

  • Transfer

  • Breakfast with a beduin

  • Photographers

  • Abu Dhabi in Mind

  • Fishing in Mind

  • Exclusive dinner cruise

All individual reservations are recommendend to be made at least 4 weeks prior to arrival.


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